Monday, October 12, 2009

Final- Heaven and Hell


Alecia Walls


Heaven and Hell- Statement of Intent


Having grown up in a small and conservative southern town. Suburbia, trailer parks, dead-end jobs, and lots of babies surrounded me, keeping me closed in. Few people ever make it out of that town once they’ve settled. College gave me a chance to break out and ever since I have considered that feeling of being stuck or “wedged-in” my own personal hell. I chose to depict this concept of hell, with images associated with the place I am from: babies, perfect little houses, beat up pick up trucks, and county fairs. The images were composited the images together in Photoshop, leaving a collage affect in hopes of creating a sense of claustrophobia and oppression.


Heaven is another word for paradise or a place that is a place that is harmonious and positive. Paradise can also be understood as a mental or emotional euphoria. When visiting my family recently I discovered that their lifestyle is the best definition of hell for myself and so my heaven would have to be the opposite. The opposite of feeling stuck is possibility and fluidity. Heaven is weightlessness and costal life, not small town Middle America. In order to depict my heaven I used imagery of water and scarves. I brought them together in Photoshop in order to create the idea of being between the coasts, in the open and mobile.

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