Friday, September 25, 2009

Heaven and Hell Research

Images with positive associations:
The first image is of a man on his cell phone smiling, standing in front of what seems to be a large office building in a urban/ city environment. He looks professional and successful. The cell phone appears to be an interracial and helpful object in his daily life. This ad, or promotional image, to me, sends a message of the connivence and and support that technology can bring. The composition of the image is very dynamic: diagonal. The second image is of a couple with two glasses of wine. In this image the couple seem to be romantically involved and the wine is seen as something pertaining to and or fostering romance. The image gives off a sense of sweetness and class, being in black and white, with two figures dressed very elegantly. They appear to be toasting to something, drinking to celebrate life, but in a very sober and appropriate way of course. The image is very clean, very simple. The third image is one of the promotional stills from the very famous Quinton Terintino film, Pulp Fiction. Here is the this character, laying in the bed smoking a cigarette. She is seductive and yet relaxed, she is cool. This image presents a very sensuous and provocative scene with the stark lighting. Cigarette smoke is something that has made this image so appealing and inviting. All in all these images compel you and pull the viewer in with a feeling of warmth and comfortability.

Images with negative associations:
The first image in this grouping is of another man with a cell phone to his ear. In contrast, this cell phone has become menacing and seems to have the ability to cause severe head trauma or even death. This of course has the context of technology's seemingly adverse affect on human productivity and overall lifestyle. This image is shocking and slightly gross. It causes me to be afraid of what cell phones may be doing to my body and my life. The second image is an anti-drinking poster geared toward women who may be heavy drinkers. Its selling point: drinking can make you look old and even like a very old and ugly man. Though it is a bit comical, it is horrifying still. The poster is leaning on the society's ideas of what is attractive and what is not. Age is not attractive in our culture, and neither is a obvious hermaphroditical person in most cases. This image is off- putting and not enjoyable to look at. It is harsh. The third image is an anti-smoking ad featuring a child's face inside a plastic bag, simulating the effects of second-hand smoke. This image is disturbing and again, the image makers are relying on the society's accepted ideas about appropriateness and moral code. Most people would have a problem with a baby in a bag. These three images exhibit a strong use of shock and terror in order to reach the intended reaction.

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